Time for Tea

Olivia Plant

Canning Vale College

Year 9

Clay and acylic paint

21 x 16 x 29 cm

‘Time for Tea’ was inspired by the Steampunk art sub genre and the idea of making a teapot look like something completely different. When I was drawing my blueprint, I was reminded of how my mum would call us for dinner and say, “Time for tea!” so I decided to convey my emotion of a homely feeling into this piece by adding details to create a house-like teapot while also staying true to the Steampunk aesthetic. This piece was made with paper clay with help of clay tools such as kidney and scribe. I used slip to glue the parts together, and once the piece was finished, it was fired in the kiln. To complete the steampunk effect, the piece was spray painted back and dry brushed with metallic and rustic colours.

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