Steampunk Oil Can

Claire Haye

Canning Vale College

Year 9

Clay and acrylic paint

28 x 15 x 20 cm

I drew inspiration from Steampunk elements such as cogs, pipes, bolts, wire and taps, and my interest in pipes and metal plates provided added features. My sculpture was made of clay and later painted. I used a scribe and kidney tools to smooth the surface before attaching and modelling other pieces to build my design, then I pressed and indented shapes into the body. I focused on making detail visible on all sides of my teapot. My work is influenced by Steampunk and the mechanical items that are often part of this style. The main body of my pot is made out of an oil can form. The pot started as two joined pinch pots that were then shaped into the main body. I coiled clay into pipe forms to create my spout and handle. To give the whole sculpture that antique, rusted look I used browns and grey acrylic paints and applied them using a dry brush method.

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