The Big Eid

Razaanah Chota

Ashdale Secondary College

Year 11

Oil on canvas

40 x 60 cm

My painting is a representation of Eid, an Islamic religious day. The first Eid of the Islamic year is called Eid Al Fitr or ‘The Big Eid’ and celebrations are held to signify the end of the month of Ramadan (period of fasting). This holiday is solely for people to come together, share their food and be festive. This artwork is personal to me as it highlights the importance of the family eating together. I have used a palette of warm colours to create a calm atmosphere. I filled the table with a variety of foods we have during Eid. Growing up in a Western country, there is a mix of cultural and western foods such as samosas, salted meat and rice. Everyone is dressed in their best attire to celebrate this special day.

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