Finding the Time

Lauren Lam

Ashdale Secondary College

Year 11

Mixed media (Paverpol, calico fabric, air drying clay, oil paints, wire and aluminium foil)

Shark H80 x L27 x W40 cm
Dog H70 x L29.5 x W40 cm

This piece is an exploration of animals adapting to climate change. I used wire, aluminium foil, Paverpol (a textiles hardener) and calico fabric to create the body. The head is made of air-drying clay on aluminium foil. I was inspired by the sculptures of Alessandro Gallo and paintings by Matthew Grabelsky, based on humans with animal heads. The two sculptures make up a set, and refer to the deterioration of our natural environment. They examine how animals must adapt to their changing habitat. There are two subgroups featured here: a shark representing business and the economic sector; and the two dogs representing family.

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