Olivia Boyle; Jamie Brook; Emilee Collett; John Gilks; Sarah Hubbard; Jasdeep Kaur; Maggie Livings; Keturah Manby; Asher McCarthy; Ethan Simons; Samuel Thompson; Grace Waters; Tylor White

Journey Through Modernism

Group work: Year 11

Year 11
School: Governor Stirling Senior High School
Medium: Multimedia time-based work

Artist statement: This work represents the experience of studying art history. The work originally played in a blackened theatre on multiple screens to create an immersive experience which mimicked the feeling of studying 20th Century art. The work visual represents the student experience of being immersed in the art periods both literally and figuratively. Represented in this time-based work are reproductions of paintings of key 20th Century works – Monet’s Impressionist work Water Lilies, Van Gogh’s Post-Impressionist work Café Terrace at Night, Matisse’s Fauvist work Open Window, Collioure, Braque’s Cubist work Man with a Guitar, Kirchner’s Expressionist work The Red Tower in Halle, Georgio De Chirico’s Surrealist work Mystery and Melancholy of a Street, Lewis’ Abstract Expressionist work Title Unknown (Carnivale aka Tournament) and Riley’s Op art work Nataraja.All were digitally reimagined to create an environment for student silhouettes to move through. Through the use of oil on canvas, green screen, film and motion graphic software, this work is a thoroughly modern exploration of 20th Century art.

Year selected and School represented
2019, Governor Stirling SHS
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