When the Seasons Return

Matilda Kosok

Perth Modern School

Year 12

glazed stoneware, reclaimed timber

16h x 48 diameter cm

I feel I know very little about my menstrual cycle, a sentiment that echoes in the lack of awareness and education about women’s reproductive health and wellbeing. These vessels are adorned with a feminine energy that reflects the changing social, emotional, and physical needs of people with uteruses throughout the month, each connected with a flowing stream that serves as our life force, our hormonal cycle. The vessels sit on a circular wooden slab, reminding us of the earth that made us, nourishes us and reclaims us when we are gone. She sits in a cycle of her own. Knowledge of our own bodies has been stripped from us for centuries. When we learn, acknowledge and embrace our cycles we regain our power and return to the earth.

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