Our Thirsty Wardrobes

Chloe Leach

Joseph Banks Secondary College

Year 12

Digital photography, Design

59.4 x 40 cm (each)

Water pollution and scarcity are growing issues in the fashion industry that supply chains and consumers often overlook. My three posters campaign boldly against this. I chose the not-for-profit German organisation, ‘Drip By Drip’ as a client. They promote and solve water issues in major fashion-producing countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan. From dyes polluting rivers to the problem of overconsumption depleting water supplies, I was moved by Drip By Drip’s efforts. I created three digital posters to discuss these issues. My designs are clean, bright and make a statement. Water and fashion are linked; it’s only a matter of time before our wardrobes absorb our drinking water.

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