Note to Self

Kaiya Gill

Greenwood college

Year 11

Polystyrene and mixed media

40 x 30 x 20 cm

‘Note to Self’ is an abstract sculptural piece created from the base of a mannequin, reflecting how I view my interests, hobbies and values. In this piece I explored my passion for playing and listening to music, and creating and viewing media. I decorated the head with sheet music paper, CD pieces and a cardboard camera lens. I placed headphones on the mannequin and used its wire to convey ideas of my passions. I included mosaic tiling in the form of broken CD pieces, representative of the right hemisphere of the brain associated with creativity and emotion. A camera lens replaces the eye, explaining how I see life and my love for media and photography. Headphones are plugged into a heart of my favourite albums. My influences include Taylor Swift, who inspired the mosaic tiling as a reference to the lyrics of a song ‘mirror ball’. Another influence was the style of Venetian carnival masks.

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