The Eyes of an Empath

Brooke Elson

Esperance Senior High School

Year 11

Guache on paper, card and air drying clay

22 x 22 x 150 cm (when fully opened)

A face can tell you a lot about a person, what they like, what they are scared of and most of all what they are thinking at that moment you look into their eyes. I made this book to express how I see emotions on a person’s face. Throughout my childhood I have been able to tell what someone is thinking simply by reading the expression on their face. I can tell if someone is lying and how they feel about me or other people. This may sound good to some, but it isn’t. I am constantly concerned about whether I am annoying someone and I’m shattered by the lies they tell. Through my piece I tried to convey what empaths feel on a daily basis: consistently stressed by consuming people’s emotions and trying to cope.

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