Little B(r)other

Chau Tran

Perth Modern School

Year 10

Coloured pencil on prisma paper

65 x 45 cm

Although for years I have described him to everyone as my ‘annoying younger sibling’, I decided to draw my seven-year-old brother, Huy. Our relationship has been a typical chaotic sibling scenario with constant teasing, arguing and annoying each other, which is amplified by our eight-year age gap. I worked from an image of him from when he was around three because it captures the duality of his character: cute yet mischievous. When people first meet Huy, they say he is adorable, but with this artwork I have portrayed the cheeky trickster side that is hidden at first. Creating this portrait made me realise that although I find my brother irritating, he is also bright, intelligent and caring.

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