2020 Young Originals Foreword

Welcome everyone to the Young Originals online exhibition!

2020 marks the eleventh year of proud hosting of the Young Originals by the Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA).  Delivered in partnership with the Sangora Education Foundation, Edith Cowan University – School of Arts and Humanities, and the Department of Education – Statewide Services, the exhibition celebrates arts programs delivered across Western Australian public schools and the talents of our young artists and designers.

The last eleven years have seen Young Originals grow in popularity and prominence, this year transforming into a fully online exhibition.

A total of 243 entries were received across Years 7 to 12 from city and country schools.  This big increase is a testament to our inspirational and dedicated visual art teachers who have responded with enthusiasm to the new format.  As always, our Young Originals judges were hard pressed to select the final works with 92 pieces eventually chosen for online display

Viewers of the online exhibition can see each piece, enlarge, filter by school and read artist statements from our students reflecting on their creative intentions and influences.

In 2020, we publicised Young Originals more widely than ever, working through teacher professional associations, using social media platforms and activating word of mouth. This provides our students with broader exposure and recognition for the quality of their work.  Students and their families can enjoy the online gallery over the months and years to come, and I encourage everyone to share a link to the Young Originals website with family, colleagues and friends.

Complementing our exhibition this year is a set of two unique videos. One introduces Young Originals Online and focuses on the larger purpose of the exhibition. The other – a new initiative for Young Originals this year – asks a small number of selected student finalists to discuss their creative process and what it means to them. I’m sure you’ll find their reflections charming and insightful.

At this time, I would like to acknowledge the work of the Young Originals organising committee: Cassie Bussell, Karen Lamond and Julie Brown from the Department of Education – Statewide Services; our graphic designer, judging coordinator and website host, Brendan Hibbert; our collage artist, Shay Colley; Sue Starcken and Donna Franklin from ECU Mount Lawley – our experienced judges; and Kim Parkin and Nina Didio from the Department of Education’s Public Relations and Marketing section.

Most importantly, on behalf of WASSEA members and our event partners, I thank all students and teachers who submitted artwork this year and congratulate those whose work was selected for exhibition.  2020, despite its challenges, has yielded a wonderful new array of artworks – the essence of Young Originals.

Armando Giglia
President: WASSEA

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