2019 Young Originals Foreword

WASSEA Foreword – Young Originals 2019 

Welcome everyone to the Young Originals online gallery. 

2019 marks the tenth year of proud sponsorship of the Young Originals by the Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA).  Delivered in partnership with the Sangora Education Foundation, Edith Cowan University – School of Arts and Humanities, and the Department of Education – Statewide Services, the exhibition celebrates visual arts programs delivered across Western Australian public schools and the talents of our young artists.  

This year almost 210 entries were received from a range of metropolitan and country schools across Years 7 to 12, with 70 pieces eventually chosen for display.  This response is a testament to our inspirational and enthusiastic visual art teachers.  As always, our judges were hard pressed to select the final works for exhibition.

From its early days at Central TAFE to our tenure at Spectrum Gallery and finally the shift to Gallery 25 at ECU, it has been an exciting journey for Young Originals. With each year that passes, the exhibition grows in variety and popularity. 

Through our partnership with the School of Arts and Humanities at Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley, students have the experience of being part of a professionally curated exhibition in a public gallery. Gallery 25 is an elegant venue. Access to such a space enhances the prestige of the exhibition and makes the artworks accessible to a wider audience. This exposure provides our students with vital experience and recognition, and offers them an insight into the professional world of the visual arts and design. 

As a splendid accompaniment to the physical exhibition, viewers of this online gallery are spoilt by professional photographs of each piece and access to descriptions of creative intentions and influences in the form of artist statements. Students and their families will no doubt enjoy the gallery over the months and years to come, and we encourage everyone to share a link to the Young Originals website. 

At this time, I would like to acknowledge the work of staff and helpers, professional artists and designers in organising the exhibition and documenting the artworks so effectively through this catalogue.  

Most importantly, on behalf of our WASSEA members and our partners, I thank all students and teachers who submitted artwork this year and congratulate those whose work was selected for exhibition.  It is clear that this year has continued the tradition of excellence that is the trademark of Young Originals. We join with your families, teachers and principals in celebrating this special achievement! 

Armando Giglia

President: WASSEA

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